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Percussion Show

Rhythm is life. It is about reacting to different situations in real time with an improvisational style. And there are different ways to face situations. "The drums introduce the beat, percussion provides for the beatGroove ". Valerio plays with the endless sound diversity of his electronic percussion pads, but he likes to dominate the show with his djembe. When he gets in touch with the drums, the audience reaches excitement and its blood circulation get activated. It is hard to resist fromdancing on his beat.

Triple L

Music connects all people. It is a language that everyone understands, "Lars Lucas Lukoschek describes his passion.
Again, the multi-instrumentalist fascinateswith the extent to which sounds can be transmitted that transport clear messages.

Today, he belongs to the Riversidestudios family - a 1,200 square meter Berlin studios complex in where international acts take place.
Here, he has already worked with artists such as Cro and cooperated with the best ones of the electronic music scene.