With hin very own Recopy Mixery of DEEP HOUSE, TECHNO & TECH he is getting people dancing an the dance floor in motion.

Back in the days spinning with 2 Technics 1210er, nowadays with 3 CDJs und USB Sticks, he is living his passion for electronic Music. With very single show he is doing he is extending his fan base, getting more and more people to follow him. His demand is to turn very evening into one of the best Partynights ever.

Over the years KAJ MARX created his own music style and works with effects and lots of Acapellas in perfection. At the turntables he brings up all his creativity and make very Night and very Mix unique.

Its his own handwriting which makes him outstanding as a DJ and entertainer and different from all the others out there.

Altough he does not has own productions made up yet, KAJ MARX plays in all hot spots and Clubs, even international he thrills Techno-Fans in Hong Kong, London, St. Moritz und Stockholm.

A few own Production are in progress in cooperation with high profile Dj-Producers and friends.